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Lockyer Valley Billy Cart Derby Rules

1     All drivers must wear a good condition helmet (bicycle/motorcycle) 
2     All drivers must wear enclosed shoes, No Thongs or Sandals permitted
3     Four wheeled carts will only be accepted - No three (3) wheels carts                     permitted
4     Carts Must Have a Breaking system on a minimum of 2 wheels
5     Must Have a Firmly secured seating with back rest.
6     steering wheel with shaft and connecting steering rode's is permitted for all           ages.
7     Simple rope to front axle steering - up to and including 12years of age must         have both feet and hand rope to steer.
8     Maximum distance- front of cart to the center of the rear axle = 1800mm
9     Minimum width outside of wheel to outside of wheel =450mm
10   Maximum width- outside of wheel to outside of wheel = 1000mm
11   Minimum wheel diameter= 150mm
12   Minimum ground clearance = 75mm
13   Must have a tow ring on both front and back of cart,
14   Tow ring must be no smaller than 50mm diameter
15   Driver Leaving their lane = disqualified
16   Driver crashing their cart = disqualified
17   Driver and or cart not ready to race on call = disqualified
18   Maximum weight of cart (excluding driver) 80kg
19   Twin Carts Must Have 2 secured Seating
20   All Twin cart passengers DO NOT exceed the age of 6 years


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